Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham has many disparate sites they plan to update and consolidate under one URL within the next 3 years. The first step towards helping them achieve this goal was to update the functionality of the current eCommerce site to include a more seamless reordering experience before the 2018 holiday season. *This is an ongoing project. For a more detailed case study please email me.



DYNOmapper is a powerful SaaS platform used for visual site mapping, SEO, and data analytics. The software is currently being implemented by Adobe, Razorfish, and Atlantic Airways. Our team applied ethnographic methods, conducted rigorous domain research, competitive analysis, and usability testing to architect a dashboard for DYNOmapper's user interface. Our goal was to delicately balance usability with the power of DYNOmapper's robust features. After synthesizing our research based on Indi Young's Mental Models, we restructured the navigation and reorganized the software's tools and features. The results of our research produced an information dense yet easily navigable dashboard. 


Homehub integrates your home automation technology into one seamless application. Several disparate services exist for controlling the home environment. At the moment, few platforms integrate these controls and house them in one convenient place. Homehub is the solution for automating your home and simplifying your life. Our team conducted in depth domain research, SME interviews, competitive analysis and mid to hi-fidelity prototyping and user testing to create an integrated smart home technology platform. Our challenge was to differentiate our product from others on the market and simultaneously streamline control of the user's home. We approached the solution through multiple rounds of competitive analysis and user testing. We created journey maps, personas, and scenarios to achieve a intuitive and research backed solution for users.